Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Spring is back ...

Spring is back... and we are sure glad of it.. Today we brought the team out to the seniors home at the end of the Valley. Ruby made a really nice chicken and rice dinner with salad, and the team served. The seniors new we were coming, and several of them were waiting for us when we got there. I went upstairs to see the final section completed.. t sure was nice to see.. The new floors, the walls repaired and painted, and the heating in ... We are actually ahead of things now when it comes to space.. we just need to find them the beds and bedding. A couple weeks ago when we were there , we gave them some blankets that were made by a group of kids in Millbrook Ontario... The cool think about them is that when you hold them up to the light, you can see a heart inside them... They love them and Anna even uses hers as a scarf.

One of the realities of life that none of can avoid is death. But death at the right time does not need to be cruel and heartless like so many experience here. There is a new reality in Kemin, and that is a life ending with a kind a gentle dignity.. Today the team had the privilege of spending some time with and sharing with a beautiful gentle Babushka that is in the final days if not hours.. She will likely pass away tonight, but not alone and not unloved... Dignity in death is something that we have advocated for in the past, today we see it in action.

From there we brought the team over to the out reach centre, and the rehab centre that they operate.

It was a nice time of fellowship, and a chance to discuss ways of impacting a community. The team got a chance to visit one of the two homes they operate, and to see the new automated chicken barns.. currently producing close to 470 eggs a day.

Tomorrow we will start planting the gardens at Dayspring.

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Lisa Brotherton said...

That is a most beautiful gift, dignity in death. Thank you for honoring these elders as they so deeply deserve.