Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Cooking Class

Class took about 1/2 hour, and Our young friend was off home with about 10 portions of spaghetti with meat sauce ( with lots of veggies in it) and garlic bread with cheese. While cooking I wanted to get an idea of what kinds of food I should teach him to make.. so I asked about his budget for the five of them... 20 som... about 40 cents.. I could not figure out how they live on 40 cents each , then figured out it was actualy 20 som for all of them.. that's about 8 cents each... I can't do that ... I should be getting cooking classes from him... no wonder everything looks like Kasha .. Maybe I could pull it off for one or two meals but imagine what that would be like every single day. These are the brightest minds in the country, and they are functioning on that. So now I am at a quandary.. I can work out something for them to eat on their budget, so they can survive, or do I use these classes as en excuse to get some good nutritional food into them as they are approaching the year end. It really is a hard decision.. We try very hard to not have people become dependant on us , and to teach them to be self sustaining, but if this boy had a father , or if it was my own kids, I would not expect them to be self sustaining with such a heavy school work load and no potential to have a paying job on the side... I will have to give this some long consideration. As I was packing up his bag to take back with him, in the spur of the moment I reached into the fridge and pulled out the bottle of coke I had bought for tonight , and watched his eyes light up as I put it in the bag .. We will think about the question another day..

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