Saturday, April 09, 2011


Fun night at the Invalid home ...Ice cream Samsa's and singing. then to top it off a movie... even better then English class today when we went out side with the guitar and taught them all Head and shoulders knees and toes... followed by the hoky-poky. They do love the ice cream Even our new translator filling in for Olga had a great time .. A real difference from his first day there last weekend... we too has come to enjoy his time with the men .

Do the Hoky Poky and turn yourself around
Bekah and her buddy pose for a photo....

While the movie was on Bekah was translating for some of the men out side as some of the team was having a break. one young boy seemed to be kind of young and out of place there today, so Bekah asked how long he has been there..., but made a mistake and asked how long WILL you be here.. he answered " Until I die"... at which point Bekah began to shut down.... You know for him , he sees no future... Me I see a day when places like this will no longer exist. I believe in a day when we can have independent living centres for these guys, when they have a HOPE FOR A FUTURE.....

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