Tuesday, May 03, 2016

a couple new arrivals

The new baby calf has arrived 

This morning we are on our way out to the farm to do some planting .. starting with sweet corn and the long beans.  We also ordered 1500 pepper and tomato plants for tomorrow .    The seedlings are up and doing well.  Likely this week we will transfer them out into the garden. 

We stoped by the hospital to see how Vlady and the boys are doing .  We are putting the roof on the clinic now.  Its looking really good. Vlady is doing the work, but has been having the boys from the farm come out to help him .  Its great that they are such a great resource for us.  

It has been too wet to get onto the fields and do a lot of planting, so we have been catching up on a lot of painting and repairs around the farm, as well as being able to involve the kids in some social projects, like the painting and repair of the bus shelter,  The cleaning up and putting a roof on after the fire, and now the roof on the hospital clinic.   Yesterday they cleaned and bleached everything in the kitchen and pantry to freshen everything up before the summer . 

We also have another new boy out at the farm.  Misha two has finally arrived.  He got all his documents and belongings and arrived last week .  Now to start getting him settled in.. Every time you add a new person the whole pecking order gets messed up and there are bumpy times.  Hoping for a smooth transition. 

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