Thursday, May 19, 2016

Ready to grow again

Just over a year ago  the farm consisted of one plot of land and an old house in bad repair , but it was a great start .  as we worked hard on that land, the concept and the farm continued to grow,, We now have a boys house a girls house, Two barns a farm kitchen for canning, a poultry barn a auto shop, a sewing centre, a guest house and a 5th farm house that houses a family that also works on the farm .    
More then just the fields and the workers, the barns are now full and we need to build another barn.  We are set to build a barn behind house 5.  We are bursting at the seems.  Right beside where we are going to build there is a pile of material that would be almost enough to build the barn.  Upon further investigation and negotiations, it may be possible to not only buy the material but the land under it .  and here is the kicker .. it would only be $2000 more then the cost to build the barn we were going to build.  

Let me give you a little tour .. 

Here is the back field .  The land to the left is our house #5 land and the future location of the sheep and goat barn.  lots of room for  further garden expansion , and ready to plant right away.

There is a garage and storage room with a summer kitchen on the property .  We could put a summer shed roof on the back of this and it would make a great summer barn for the goats and sheep 

There is also a grass roof barn .. it is old and abandoned but is still a solid structure  and would not take much to  make it functional again.

It also has a couple open but covered stalls behind this building as well. 

In the front of the property there is a small coal / utility shed, and the foundation all ready to build a new house on it.   Something that could be a project for our kids in the future .. and could be done for about $5000 

 Here is another big plus .. There is a huge stack of beams poles and roofing and even a few big stacks of bricks that would be almost enough material to build the barn that we had been planing in the first place..

So we are just $2000 away from making this possible, instant barn space problems solved, more gardens to plant right away  and room to expand in the future.  If you are interested in helping with this expansion, please let me know, 

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