Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A few projects off the farm.

We had a short break in the rain , and had a couple dry days so we were able to get on to the fields .  This contraption on the back of the rotter tiller we made up so that as we till, the rows are formed for planting . 

More new babies over in the goat pens ,  

The last few days we had some extra kids on the farm as well.  They were here with their mother as she had a little break from life and some time with Aigula 

There is an old bus shelter in town that I have been eyeing up every time I pass it.. It is kind of run down and the benches are missing off the seats.  We decided that we could do a small day project and fix it up.  We first contacted the mayor to get permission, then brought the boys over and went to work 

 We started by picking up garbage and cleaning up while we were waiting for the paint to boil 

We mixed some colour paints to do the 3D spots. 

Everyone did a great job .

When the painting was done Vlady installed the benches .. what a difference it makes 

A couple days ago I shard about Nadia who had lost her home and son to a fire.  

Today we arrived with the truck full of kids and began cleaning up for her . 

The last 8 feet of the roof needed to come off and be temporally replaced to cover the wall so that the foundation does not wash away over the summer . The original walls were made of mud bricks then parged in and out.   So when it rains they would wash away if not covered,  

over the summer as we have time we can start clearing out the debree from inside and knocking off the scorched loose concrete, then as funds are available we will start replacing the walls with new concrete .  Our goal is to do most of the work in the fall when we return with a couple teams .  We have limited resources right now so we have just worked on making her comfortable and safe, and secure the building so it is still there in the fall. 

The kids all did such a great job, and Vlady once again came threw. 

We made real head way . and managed to get two huge loads of garbage to the dump, and a lot of burnt wood all cut up for her banya and heating.  

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