Monday, May 16, 2016

The roof is on.

Vlady and the boys finished the roof on the baby hospital clinic.  

They did such a great job

I guess that now that the roof is on, the next job will be to finish the inside floors and walls in the back half of the clinic.. I will have to have a meeting and figure out some prices and a plan of attack before we go in a couple weeks .. May be a job to tackle when we get back in the fall with a couple teams . 

I love walking through the garden and seeing how much it is growing.  Just after I took these pictures, it started pouring again.. So blessed that we were able to get our crops into the ground when there was a break in the weather.

This is the Romain lettuce .. its starting to really take shape.  In this picture you can really see how well the tractor did , it tills the soil, and ploughs it into rows to plant, and digs the irrigation ditches at the same time .. 

these sunflowers are the ones that came up on their own, so we transplanted them here before ploughing .  we did plant a couple hundred more as well 

these are the new sheep that Jengish picked up at the bazaar Yesterday ,  

this is the row of broccoli 

One of the boys got ambitious and borrowed 200 lbs of potatoes from the neighbour and went out and planted them a couple nights ago.. problem was he planted them in rows that were already planted and rows that were prepared for other things, and none in the section that was ploughed for the potatoes.. It took us a little wile to try to figure out his system .. 

Yesterday was Emma's birthday .. Last year on Emma's birthday we bought her some new born baby geese and ducks .. so by default it turns out to be Gooseys birthday as well . 

Today we were busy re organising some of the rooms and the furniture .  We have had to make more room and moved a couple of the boys over into the new room we had fixed up.  Then in the main house we needed the guest room for some more girls come summer time, as well we wanted to have a a "Learning Centre " where we could have a big work table for games and crafts and for teaching, as well as a row of computers for the kids .  So we have moved some of the furniture over to #3 house and have it set up and furnished as a guest house,   Also the house that has the sewing centre has a small room there that we have set up as a bed / sitting room for a guest we have coming to help out with the work we do in Kyrgyzstan this summer, and wanted to have a room for her on the farm when she visits there. 

Now we just need to give everything a good cleaning up to guest house standards and make the beds.  We are hoping that the guest house will be a good project for some of the kids on the farm , and will be a good life skill for them to have.  

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