Tuesday, May 17, 2016

New babies on the farm .

Two more kids on the farm today .. that brings our new birth totals up to 11 I think.  

A big day for one of the boys .  He had to go to the dentist .. that is about an hour away .. the excitement was too much for him.  He will have to get used to it, he needs a ton of work.  Our newest boy has a bit of a mess in his mouth as well, 

Today we were moving the rest of Aigoola's stuff to the farm, and at the same time setting up the guest house.  We have the living room almost finished ..  Its starting to look warm and inviting.

If you are going to be in Kyrgyzstan or know someone who is, let them know.. we have a great place for them to stay .. with access to horseback riding, fishing, the water falls, the hot springs and the Baurana tower, all with in 25 minutes of the farm.  But the highlight will be sitting down for a great meal with all the kids on the farm. 

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