Friday, May 06, 2016

She is home !

This morning I picked up Aiperi at the airport .  We are so happy that she mad it , it is such a long difficult journey.  She is settling in at the farm now. 

We got the first 700 trees planted in their boxes but rained out before I got the mesh fastened on top, but they are covered , I will have to do it tomorrow if the rain stops . 

On the way home tonight we got to experience some flash flooding in the mountains . Several spots had 5 or 6 inches of water washing over the road in rivers ,.. We were not sure if we would have to wait it out at the farm, but it never got much worse then that and we got home just fine. 

We got everything today that we will need for the irrigation system as well as the gas pump to fill the big water tanks in the truck .  Tomorrow we hope to get it all set up.. though we certainly won't need to do any watering for a few days. 

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