Tuesday, May 24, 2016

We are happy for a couple new arrivals on the farm.

We have a new friend here with us.  She will be staying for a couple months and helping out at the farm as well as with some of the other projects that we are involved with.  She arrived yesterday morning, and after only a few hours sleep we were off to Red river to see Auxana.  There was a batch of 50 chickens that are now 2 months old and ready to come to the farm so we replaced them with 25 baby ducks. 

Vlady was by the apartment to do some repairs for us.  The upstairs neighbour had a leek and it cause some damage here.  We had to replace some ceiling tiles and fix some wiring and replace a light fixture. Fortunately  Stacik was there to help him.  Out at the farm I put in a wood floor in the entrance as well as a coal bin. As well we put in an exhaust fan and a door separating the banya from the bathroom to keep the moisture down . 

Today while Emma and Julie were painting the guest house inside , Aigula and some of the boys put up fences for a new poultry run. and Nurlan was busy painting the out side of the guest house.  These mud brick homes need to be white ashed every year or they deteriorate .   Michele spent the morning in the kitchen with Aiperi helping to cook lunch for everyone on the farm , Including a new arrival.  He was a little nervous and uncertain, but the other boys were quick to welcome him and make him feel at home.  

During this we were also processing one of the bulls.   Since the meat here normally gets cut into small pieces with a little bone with it   I put in an order for a couple prime cuts ..  

The meat was butchered and brought to the kitchen in large manageable chunks for further processing.   We then cut the rest up into about 3 or 4 lb bags, as well as a leg for the baby orphanage , and a few other large roasts .. We sent some to Vlady for future picnics and outings as well . Then had enough left to fill the chest freezer as well as the fridge freezer.  

We will be leaving for Canada in just one week , but its a nice feeling to know that the freeze is full when we go. 

Tonight we had a great meal with Sergey and Anya and their family, and had a wonderful prim rib roast.  Then we had a planing meeting with them and Michel to organise her schedule for the next couple weeks 

We had a donation of some beautiful pillow case dresses.  I can't show all of the pictures here because some are at the orphanages, but here are Olga's girls loving theirs .

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