Friday, May 27, 2016

Four days left before we head back to Canada

Mirlan was pretty excited today, He had asked Julie to get him a black baseball cap, so she found him one today at the bazaar.  

We hung some more curtains at the farm today as well as a few final touches.  It is pretty much set now, and Michele has moved in to her room now. 


 Over in the kitchen they are starting to make cheese now.  Its cool to see the process.  We also had Lugman for lunch made with fresh home made noodles and our own beef.  

Nick is back from school now.  We walked the gardens together so he could get a feel for everything that has been planted and we could discuss its care. We also trimmed up the orchard.  We wanted the weeds cut and not pulled.  We are wanting a good ground cover that will hold the soil and the moisture and be a place that we can let the ducks and geese graze.  It is a little difficult this year because we have planted other things in the orchard besides the apples so we won't wast the space while we are waiting for the  pasture to take root .. so they are cutting and hoeing around the trees, roses, onions and cabbages.. not to mention the hundreds or Potatoes that had reseeded them selves from last year. 

its looking good.

We have also worked up the old duck pen and have reseeded it .   I can't believe how well the trees are coming along , its hard to see, but they are starting to branch out nicely 

We have been planing and sanding some of the old stools and benches as well, and out painter (Nurlan) is quick to paint .. everything  in sight , in fact he told Emma that he is concerned that soon he will be out of paint and everything will have been painted and then what will we do with him ... Hummmm maybe he will be as diligent at weeding as he is at painting. 

Good Job Nuric 

June 1 is children's day, and we are sponsoring the gifts for our village children.  So today we packed 100 gift bags.  Each has a rubber ball, a squirt gun, a skipping rope and bubbles, as well as a bag of mixed candy and a bag of cookies, and tomorrow we will add an apple to each as well.  We fly out on June 1 so we needed to get this all packed now and will drop them off at the mayors house tomorrow. 

Once that was done, Michele was back into the kitchen to help make the first batch of strawberry jam of the season. We did about 25 lbs of strawberries today 

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