Thursday, May 26, 2016

The seeds are all in the ground .. "Pray for the seeds"

First stop this morning was to the Baby orphanage.  We brought them a big piece of meat from the farm, as well as a couple boxes of clothes that Sergey had for them 

Next stop was to the baby hospital to meet the director and discuss the next stage of the building.  The approvals are all in now and the next process will be to put in the services , the heating, water, sewer and electrical all need to go in before we finish the floor and the walls, so that will likely be the next stage to find some sponsors for. 

Out at the farm, we brought some very cheap vinyl flooring that we found , it is not only cheaper, but much stronger then table cloths.  

Sergey had a bunch of clothes for the kids on the farm as well .  They were very excited, it was like Christmas. 

Then it was back to work. We planted another 1200 pepper plants and another 2000 seeds of corn into the ground.  This will give us about a 3 or 4 week stagger between the crops so that we will have an extended season.

Over at the guest house we have had a lot still to do to get it ready.  All the doors are old and were scraping on the floor or not closing properly so I took them off and planed them down. Then changed all the locks on the doors, some we had no keys for and some just did not have locks. 

While we had the sander and planer out, we decided to refinish an old table that was hanging around the farm.  It was in really rough shape, but once it was striped and sanded and a little urethane, it looked great.

The boys did a great job.. I said to Julie "Funny how when you add a power tool a job seems more like fun."  She then commented that I seemed to be having as much fun as they were. 

Michele got all the windows cleaned as well. 

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