Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Lots of planting done at the farm

The rain cleared off this afternoon and the sun actually cam out.  Momma and baby calf got to spend some time out on the grass.

Julie and a couple of the kids went back to put the finishing touches on the bus stop .

Notice the old Kyrgyz man sitting at the side of the bus stop.  Ever since we fixed it up, he has been spending his days there guarding it to make sure that people keep it clean and nice.  I think this is the biggest thing that's happened in his life in a long time.  He told Jengish that he would like 3 baby geese so he could raise them to tell him when people came so he could keep an eye out.  Goosey was not willing to give up any of her babies so maybe we will wait until the next batch hatches.. maybe that goose will be a little more agreeable.

we fired up the tractor today to get it ready to head back out on the fields tomorrow afternoon if it dries up a bit . With all the planting today we are just a day ahead of the planters so hoping for a dry day . 

Goosey wanted to see what all the excitement was about 

Masha the pig has a friend for a couple weeks .. 

this is the field that we planted today .. sweet corn, green beans, Chinese long beans, peas. sunflowers, onions, cabbages, carrots beets, radishes and Swiss Chard.  Tomorrow we will plant the broccoli, cantaloupes, watermelons and peppers.  

the next day we have ordered 750 peppers and 750 tomatoes and will pick up a couple hundred egg plants as well  by then we will be caught up to the plow, so pray for a couple dry days so we can get the next field ready to plant. 

the third field will be planted with much of the same but will be planted about two weeks after the first so that we have a longer growing season. 

 not sure if goosey was happy to see me or thought I should stay away from the baby calf, 

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