Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Starting dairy production

Another rainy day .. it's a good thing we got the ploughing done before the weekend .  hoping tomorrow it will stop raining long enough that we can plant the squash .  Its so wet that the irrigation trenches are starting to fill up. 

We are starting to get into production of milk products now.  We have the electric milker and today Emma and Jengish brought the cream separator to the farm .  

Right now we will be processing about 20 to 25  litres a day.  This has led to some other issues for us.  With that much milk we need to get some larger and more pots and pails, along with some strainers and ladles.  In total we have to get about $150 worth of supplies , including plastic containers and lids that we can put the finished product in.  

We are in need of someone who would like to sponsor this need and get us started with the production.


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