Thursday, May 05, 2016

A long day of planting

A big day of ploughing and planting today .  

As I was preparing the next field, Emma had a group of kids planting Egg plant, Tomatoes, and Peppers, and Aigula had a group of them planting more Raspberries . and Ulukbec had a group of boys over working on the green house.   While on the tractor I took a short video of every one working hard .

When I finished the third field on the back farms, the neighbour who we were getting Raspberries from was out working in his garden .. what I did an a couple hours will take him about 3 full days to do by hand with he and his wife, so I decided to till and plough his as well .. (paying it forward for a little grace the next time one of our kids do something stupid )   well I was down to the last pass on his garden and the Babushka next door to him came across the field and went to talk to Emma . then they both came back to see if I could do a small garden for her as well .. 
When her garden was finished it was lunch time .  By the time lunch was finished the Babushka landed at the house with a beautiful, hot out of the oven Honey cake for us .. she had to have run strait to the kitchen and baked it for us as soon as I was finished.  

I made some wooden planting beds for the trees in the garden. Once we plant, we will put a cage over the top to protect them .  We also put them in the middle part of the garden where they are protected by a few rows of tomatoes and Raspberries so the traffic is not as high around them,  Less likely to get trampled by a cow.  

Just as we were ready for a coffee break, the Babushka sent her grand children over with a plate of waffles rolled up and drizzled with condensed milk .. Aigoola looked at me and said "YOU NEED TO GET BACK ON THAT TRACTOR AND GO PLOUGH SOME MORE NEIGHBOURS FIELDS " 

All in all it was a good day .  The only hick up came when we realised that since Jengish had left his tool kit at the farm, the boys needed something to use the ratchet on .. so off |I went ploughing with a tractor with every tire bolt loose .. I only lost 4 bolts  before we realised .. Why ask Why ?

Over at the green house they got another layer of blocks up.  For each meter the wall goes up the green house floor drops by about 1/2 meter as we are using the dirt from inside to make the blocks .  
once the blocks are done, we will finish digging out the floor and use it to berm against the wall for warmth 

They have started welding the mettle trusses for the roof 

they are even rust proofed.  These will support the Polly carbonate sheeting that will be used instead of plastic. 

 about half of the garden at the boys house is a construction site right now.  So I have part of the garden worked up and will be the site of all the squash, pumpkins zucchini as well as Cantaloupe and water melon.  Then when the green house is finished we will plant the rest of the field with duplicate crops of those we have already planted.  This will give us a bit of a stagger in the crops and a garden that will come into season a full two or three weeks later , hoping to extend our harvest by a couple weeks .  Then in mid summer we will start planting the green house so that those crops will start in October as the fields are finishing. This will mean that starting in the end of June, we will have some crops available 12 months of the year.  Once we achieve this we will be in a good position to set up a whole sale supply of the shops because we will be able to provide produce year round.  We can also offer something others don't.  We could offer to trade out any unsold product every couple days to keep the stock always fresh, then we could donate the unsold stock to the orphanages and institutions and families in need ..

I am now getting ready to go to the airport in a few hours to pick up Aiperi.  We have had no word if she was able to get to the airport or if she was even able to get on the plane so e are hoping and praying that she is on the plane when it lands.  She had a 10 hour bus ride, a 4 hour flight , then a 2 hour flight , then another 4 hour flight ...   

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