Monday, November 19, 2012

Update on some friends new home

Tonight we went back to visit the family with the apartment full of mold .  It is finished now.  Vlady and Joe did a great job.  Apart from the smell of new paint, the apartment is awesome , and is ready for them to begin to make it a home .

The kitchen has been totally cleaned and renovated.  Just needs a few furnishings  .

In the bathroom, the water has been fixed, the tub has been resurfaced, and check out the water heater .  Vlady built it out of the old gas heater from Aigoola's house that did not work anymore ... works now . 

They even have the curtains up in the living room .. what a difference... The boy told his mom  " Now we can live like real people "  Well done Millbrook .

Later tonight Aiperie came by to visit, and to drop off some of the dresses that we had ordered from her .

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