Wednesday, November 07, 2012

But the fool on the hill sees ......

What a blessing to have Andy here with us today so we could catch up on the home visits of some of the people that Larisa works with .  

Our first stop was to the Bazaar to pick up rice , oil and flour.   With winter approaching  it is so good to have some staples for them to help out. 

there are always some hard negotiations that take place before a purchase of this size. , then we were off .  

these kids are so beautiful, it just makes your heart sore 

along with the food, they also got some little dolls , hats , mittens and vitamins ... check out the contentment on Andy's face ... 

the kids love Andy's tablet 

I climed up on this pile to call the kids to the door , right away Andy began singing out loud "The fool on the hill "   

All the families on our visit list today have one thing in common.  they are all from the same orphanage , grown up and trying to have a family of there own.  Larissa works hard to support them so that the circle is not repeated .  Along with the food , Larisa works hard to help them to get ahead in life, and encourages them to continue to help each other ... to be that support for each other that they so desperately need .  When we got to this home for example , there were 7 kids from a couple different families.  they take turns watching each others kids when they have a chance to work.  

This house was a trial.  We have helped this mother in the past with her son.  He has Cerebral Palsy and requires regular physiotherapy.  That is very expensive and takes place in Bishkek.  She told us that the next round was due yesterday but she did not have the funds .  ( I apologies for the dirty shirt.. it is from the bags of flour )

As we walked back to the car,  Andy had a moment.. something we do here on a regular basis.. I could tell his nose was starting to hurt... we went back and talked to the mother.  We will bring her with us to the Hospital in Bishkek on Monday, and we will confirm the charges and pay them for her.  We will also bring her to, and introduce her to our friends that work with disabled kids

Now we could move on to the next home 

even the kids on the street think Andy is great !  he is a hit every where we go 

It was great to visit this family. He is from the mens disabled home, and his wife passed away shortly after their son was born. He tries so hard to provide a nice home.   It is so small, but is clean and warm.  He is one of the the young boys that we purchased glasses for in the spring.

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