Saturday, November 03, 2012

Millbrook is off and Andy has arrived

Andy arrived early this morning , had a little nap then was out with us making the rounds . 

First was a visit to the Dayspring home and a hug from all the kids .  Then we headed to the Agula's to visit the sewing factory before heading to the Bazaar to bring a few girls from Bacute for their winter coats.

The mattresses Andy had ordered a few weeks ago to take to the hospital in town here .  Andy saw first had what the mattresses were like there , and it is something that has been bothering him since he was here in the spring.  He was so thrilled when he saw the quality of these mattresses .. better then anything he could possibly find in the bazaar.  

We then went into the sewing room and saw the making in process.  Seeing the many ways that this sponsorship has touched lives here, from the people employed to the people that will receive   , that was the point that Andy almost lost it ..  If you have never been a part of helping the hurting and lost in such a meaningful way.. you really need to give it a try .  The real emotions will hit when we deliver them to the hospital this week .

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