Friday, November 16, 2012

Lots to do before we go

Yesterday we struck out early to get coal delivered.  We are still hoping and praying for coal money , but right now it is cold and the need is too great so we have had to wait a bit .  I just decided that we could wait no longer for the coal for Larisa's mom and the people she supports .. I called Blair to see if he wanted to go with us .. he said yes, and that he had a sponsor that wanted to help with that .. what perfect timing .. Thank you Blair and thank you to your sponsor... As it was sliding out the back of the truck,  Larisa's mom turned to me and said " Can I share "

 Bekah's birthday is the day we go , and we needed to get her settled before we go.  For a long time Bekah has wanted a budgie , but we travel so much that we have not complied, but now that the girls have put down roots, we decided it was time.  Sergey found us someone that is planning to open a pet store in town, and she had some babies in her apartment .  This is the one we got her ... yet to be named ... any suggestions ?

Another thing needing to be taken care of is a few of the kids that we have here .. Like Baktegul that needed winter clothes.  Today we brought her to the Bazaar to get a winter coat and boots , and a new pair of jeans .

There are a few more girls we need to take care of before we go.  Baktaguls sister we had tried to help , we just found out that she got married last week.. From what we can figure out it was consensual, we will know more soon as Julie and Emma will be going to see her next week.   Two of the other girls we have been helping , including the young girl that was bride napped a few weeks ago, are wanting to go to school . It will be great for them to get back into school and get on with life.    It will be $400 to cover this .. as soon as we can come up with that, they will start school . Hopefully that will be before we leave next week . 

Another thing we realized is that if we are going to have fellowship with everyone that we need to see before we go, we need to double book lunch and supper until we go.   Tonight it was our friends from the south.  

The dinning room is starting to get a little small, so we had to eat in two shifts.. Women and Kids first then the guys in the second sitting . ROAST BEEF was the meal today , served  in a real Canadian fashion.

The funny thing about meat here is that it is the same price / kg no matter where it is from on the cow.. they think that the bone is the GOOD part.. and every piece of meat is chopped small and includes bones.  I went all over the bazaar and got rather frustrated trying to get some one to cut me a roast.  Finally I gave up and decided to just buy the big chunk of meat and cut my own roast out of it.    I picked out a piece, but it had this huge section of ribs attached ,  They looked at me like I was crazy, after I bought it , I borrowed his knife and removed all the bone... the best part, and put it into a separate bag... Just then Aerofots Dad came into the shop  ( the young boy we helped with a cleft pallet surgery a few years ago )   He dropped his bags and gave me a great big hug.  They had moved, and we had lost touch with them and had been trying to find them .. we had a nice visit , exchanged numbers, then I handed him a wonderful present...... a bag of prime rib bones .. Once again what could have been a stupid foreigner moment turned into an opportunity to be a blessing ... they were amazed that I would cut off the best part and give it away like that ... if only they knew ... hahaha

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That's SOOO funny ... lol.

The Lord knows Johnny, the Lord knows.

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