Saturday, November 10, 2012

let the pie Challenge Begin

I am told that Kyrgyzstan is the 7th poorest country in the world.      The Government does not have the resources to care for the needs of the kids, and must rely on the work of  NGO's to bridge the gap .  There are an estimated 6000 children in orphanages , and many more waiting . 

In 2008, an adoptive mother from Kyrgyzstan , Cindy Lajoy, recognized the overwhelming number of children that we support, and wanted to do something .. so she put out a challenge .. If her friends could raise $1000 by Thanks Giving , she would let her kids through a pie in her face .  That challenge has grown  each year to where it is today .  
This year our target is 2000 orphans, but not just a present and a dinner out ,  we want to provide vitamins to the most vulnerable of society .

To meat this goal, we are seeking out corporate donors for the vitamins  ( if you have any contacts, we would appreciate the help)  but are ready to purchase some as well.. The $10 will also cover the transportation of the vitamins and the safe and secure storage and  distribution over the next year .

40 challengers at $500 each  will provide for a total of 2000 orphans 

You can donate using the Paypal buton to the right ,  .. BE SURE TO INDICATE WHO you are sponsoring to receive a pie in the memo box that will appears   right on the donation button  .. Every night , the totals next to the participants will also be updated.  When they reach $500 they will be notified, and they will let someone throw a pie in their face and it will be posted for all to see. 

The parties will begin in Kyrgyzstan mid December   , the Wrights  girls  Emma and Bekah ,  are in Kyrgyzstan and making plans now, and looking forward to Lynn and Ruby joining them a little closer to Christmas.

 As the parties take place, we will post the events right here on actofkindness  

Thank you all so much for being a part of this life changing event.  

I am reminded by what a friend told me once .. "start by doing what you can do and before you know it you will be doing what others said could not be done."  

Here are a few video's from previous years to give you a little taste of what is to come . 

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