Wednesday, November 21, 2012


If you remember our young friend that was bride napped . She is doing much better now.  After a few weeks in and out of the hospital, she is on the mend..  She is ready to start school again.  We have half of her tuition in now , and jsut need another $100 for her .  Today She came into town to meet up with Sergey and Anya to get a new winter coat and boots.  

We have a rule .. never leave home with out your Camera .. It was a good thing as Julie managed to find a new kind of toilet.. you would think that by her age, there would be nothing new when it comes to toilets, but this one takes the cake ... The big question is HOW DO YOU USE IT ....

We had a nice visit with our good friends Mirat and Mirash .  They are always a blessing to us , and we appreciate our time together .  They are already making plans for April when we return .

This morning we went shopping for some product for Altynai's family to help them through the winter .  

Rice , flour, pasta, oil, yest , potatoes , onions and carrots.  There apartement has the heat on now and they are nice and warm . 

Next stop was to see Larisa's mom.  We had a special present from us.  She has difficulty with her legs, and we found a nice little space heater .  It looks like a fire place and has a fake flame , and gives off a lot of heat .  It will be perfect for her .. Bucket was more impressed then any one ..

For lunch today we had Baktagools sister here with her new husband.  She was married 10 days ago.  We could not go with out letting him know that she is loved and is a special girl.. I seems like a nice young man , and yes we will e the meddling in laws...   They seem ok with that .. April when we get back, he is going to take me fishing for the big ones ...

Funny how with in minutes of Bekah's birds wings being clipped, he became a happy friendly bird... there should be a message in that for the rest of our kids ...

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