Monday, November 19, 2012

Roof racks are on !

Last night we had a bunch of the boys from the University over for a party for Bekah's birthday  
They had a great time .

This morning Vlady came over to help me put roof racks on the car.  I found a used set really cheep, but they needed to be made a little bigger for the car.   When he was done he said to me " John maybe you not put more then 900 lbs on them "  It made me think of a Volga I saw a couple days ago. 

Today we have a meeting at the Toyful center to transfer a few of our English kids over while we are gone . 
As well , Brooke is taking Olga to the school supply store to get some supplies from a donation she had from the Rotary Club.    Later in the day we will be going out to the micro district to see the appartement that we helped to renovate .. it's finished now.,  as well we are going to go see Aerofot ( young boy we helped with cleft pallet surgery a few rears ago ) and his family tonight .  

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