Monday, November 12, 2012

catching up on the last couple days

Fun day at the Circus , with all the kids from Dayspring, our child advocate and her son , the kids from Bacute and the workers there along with their kids , and several of our other friends and workers and their kids .. 43 in all .. It was a great time .  Every one had a good time .

first you warm your hands .. then your belly 

Sunday morning we went to spend some time with the seniors .. they loved the hand made thick wool socks we brought them 

Andy took the time to spend some quality time with about 30 of the residents 
 Today Acel came over to help us sort the bags of medical supplies and vitamins that arrived with the last few teams .  we have everything sorted now and will deliver them over the next few days .  

   When we were delivering supplies to the Baby orphanage we met with the director to discuss one family.  It is a family that is on Larisa's case load.  We had helped them in the past with some medical needs .  They had their children in the orphanage while they were recuperation.  Social services had requested some help for them.  It was summer when the kids went in to the orphanage, and now that it is cold, they are concerned about the kids leaving until they have clothes and some mattresses and blankets.  There is an organization here that can help them once the kids are home , it is just a matter of a little help to get them set up.. What an opportunity to  make a difference this will be .. about $150 will reunite 3 children with someone we know is a good mother .   Once we spoke with the director and she was clearly in agreement with helping them, we made arrangements to help them on Wednesday morning ..  .Looking forward to it ....   

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