Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Birthday .. Truly Blessed

What a wonderful birthday . 

The highlight for me was helping a family so that they could get their children back from the orphanage .  We have worked with the orphanage Director and social services to help them out a little .  They just happen to be a family that Larisa has been working wit as well. in fact we had helped this mother with her operation in the spring .   Now they are on the mend and ready to start putting the pieces back together .. Every one that knows them , knows them as good caring parents... today , there are 3 less orphans in the world... thats got to make it a good day .

winter clothes and bedding .. check out their smiles .. it says it all

jammed in the van 

Andy playing with Jasmina 

a little visit to their home after shopping ... 

Dr Lagarov is a friend that is the head of Emergency here.  Today we brought him a bunch of medical supplies .. splints and bandages etc.    It was good to touch base with him, and looking forward to the fishing trip we have been talking about for the last couple years ... Maybe in April... 

then off to Bacute to drop of Vitamins for them, and make planes for supper 

when we got to Red river with the Vitamins, they were waiting there with a Birthday gift for me ..

We left the next batch of vitamins to get them through the next 3 or 4 months 

then it was back to Bacute for supper ,, They asked what a Canadian birthday tradition was .. we told them it was supper with family and friends.. and thats what we were doing there tonight ... The kids had all made cards for us .. what a blessing to spend time with them

Julie had smarties for them all.. because "Every child deserves a box of smarties some time in their life "

then it was back to the apartment  for cake and coffee with our friends ... 

Lots of smiles , lots of laughter and lots of tears as we all celebrated our friendships  .. we are truly blesses .. I am truly blessed 

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