Friday, November 09, 2012

A day of firsts

If you have been following the blog, you will know that the last month has been extremely busy.  We had another full day planed for today , but something told us it was time to STOP..
 Umerbeck needed some shop therapy .  Not just because he only has the borrowed clothes he is wearing  but he needed some time that was about him.  

when we got to the stall that was selling underwear  and socks , As I told the man we wanted 5 pairs of underwear, Umerbeck looked shocked and said to me " I have had only one pair for the last two years "   

After shopping for everything that he needed , we asked what restaurant  he would like to go to.  He was a little puzzled , so we re phrased it to what kind of food he likes..Thats when he told us that he has never been in a restaurant before .

At lunch, he really began to open up to us , there was a lot that he shared, and a lot that we shared ,    We had such a good meaningful day with him .  what was most amazing was just his overall stature as the day went on. .  

Tomorrow when we take everyone to the Circus we will get to spend some  more time with him and many others ...

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