Sunday, November 04, 2012

A special visit from the village

We finished the day today with a wonderful supper here at the apartment .  A couple of the families that we know from the village came for supper .  We just happened to have some antelope that Vlady had brought for us .. You might ask " where did he get antelope from"?  but then that would be right up there with "what do you need underwater headphones for a metal detector for " questions for Vlady that will remain unanswered .    All that to say it was a wonderful way to finish a full day .   

we showed them photos of our previous visits .. 

I asked on Facebook what you serve with Antelope and this is what we came up with .  Roasted carrots and potatoes , squash, onions stir fried veggies .  We started with an appetizer of home made nocho chips served with a sour cream, salsa and cheese dip.  

Earlier in the day we were out to the seniors home.  I had to bring out some more coal money to them, as well we knew it was time to visit and encourage Tanya   She has such a hard and stressful job, she is expecting , and her husband has to travel to Russia for work.  I think she needed a little extra attention... and we were only to glad to visit .  It gave the team a chance to visit the seniors.        Andy said hello to one of the seniors who is blind and the moment  he spoke, she called out happily ANDY..   she was so happy to hear his voice again , and he was so happy that she remembered him.. They had a special moment together 

We then headed to another village.  We were a little early for church, so we when to the bazaar .. This team is so engaging .. they were a hit with the villagers.. especially the butcher lady 

Funny what you find in the market.. suddenly the antelope does not seem so bad

happy cow 

Andy carrying a sack of home made wool socked he bought for the seniors.  They were for sale  by an old babushka  Shew was asking $1.75 a pair.  Andy decided that it was too cool. and she needed to go home now... she happily stuffed everything into the sake and handed it to Andy .. over and over she kept saying  "God bless you God bless you " 

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