Friday, January 20, 2012

We have stopped running .. Today we STAND !

I don't think for one minute that we are doing anything that could not be done by any one else, In fact I know that if we did not answer the call, God would simply call someone else... and maybe that is what scares me ...   I can not imagine being anywhere but in the center of Gods will. 
Today was a big day for us... today we stopped running .. we stopped hiding  ... A few hours ago, Julie handed in her resignation as  mental health case manager.  We could no longer give the level of commitment we feel we are called to , and maintain this safety net.. something had to give. 

This last few weeks has been more then just a quick trip to Kyrgyzstan for Christmas.  It was a time of true reflection and renewed commitment  

We hardly had time to slow down, from the first meeting at 5 am the morning we arrived , to making arrangements for aid at 3 am the morning we were leaving .  Every single event we attended was double and triple booked, yet so much was left un done.  

What strikes me the most was the urgency in the hearts of so many that we met with .   So often our friends new and old were carrying burdens that are crushing them.  I could see that, and they knew it.. 

We don't have all the solutions nor the resources to meet all the needs , but we do have a trust and an assurance that we know one who loves them all, and wants them to have the peace that we have come to rely on.  It's that peace and trust that we share with them, that we are now turning to at this time . 
We don't have a plan for the future , we have Bekah going into University , and we have family ties and commitments on both sides of the Globe, but we know that we can not put off any longer, we are taking the next step.   
We would ask that you would take time over the weeks and months ahead and pray that God would set up the provision necessary.  I have been given the ability to share with great passion the needs of those less fortunate that have come onto our path, and I fully understand that for those needs to be identified and met, it takes a lot of support to keep our feet on the ground.   Please consider how you can help us to do that  .. maybe you can't go.. that's OK, we will go for you .. we just need your help.  

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