Thursday, January 05, 2012

on the schedule for today ...skying, meetings and Vitamins organized ..

It always happens that as we reach the end of a trip, we realize all the things that we still need to do and  just not enough time to do them.   Today the team is off to the mountains for a day of Skying .  We have three families joining them, so they have a bus and 2 vans full .

   Julie will be spending the day with Aigoola and Acel, Bekah and Altynai are heading to Bishkek to spend some time with some friends/workers there.  I have Sergey  ( from the rehab center )   helping me today.  We will spend the day at the container sorting and labeling the vitamins to make sure they are organized for delivery.  

   Our friend from KaraBalta is here now, and he was telling us that his mom told him that there is big news al around town... Get this . A group of Canadians came to town and took the orphans to the city and took them skating and out for supper, and even gave them gifts.  

   It's amazing how word gets out, and the impact this week has made , not only to the kids, but to the community around them.  There is a new and fresh appreciation for the children.  Even in the restaurants, we have watched as the owners and waitresses have broken down into tears as they watch the parties take place.

Its amazing how by coming to the lowest members of a society, the orphans and the widows, true love can be shown in a way that moves a society as a hole.  Thank you all for being a part of this .

James 1:27


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