Thursday, January 26, 2012

Update from Talant

Approx. 100 kids and there families attended an incredible bash   It was such a special time for them to have a party and a meal, then to receive Christmas presents and a small food hamper for the family.  What makes these kids special is that they are either blind themselves, or one or both of their parents are blind.

With out on going support, many times in the smallest ways, Children like this would end up in an orphanage.. Talant and his friends have worked hard to make sure thay they realize that they are not alone, and in a country that many times lacks the government social network to give families with special needs this the support,  it is easy to loose heart

Thank you Talant for being one of our hero's..

Then these photo's of some of the potatoes and Carrots being delivered is just a little bonus to the storey.. Thanks again for all your help.

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Gord Wiesner said...

It's great to see how even small acts of kindness can mean so much (potatoes and carrots)