Thursday, January 19, 2012

A little update since we have been gone

Our last day in Kyrgyzstan we were introduced to an orphanage we had not had contact with before ,.. they came to us because they have heard of the work that LAMb has been doing in Kyrgyzstan, and they are looking for both training , as well as the little extra's that we provide.  There was not a lot we could do at the end of a trip, but we were able to get them started on some winter clothes for the kids as well as a small  Christmas party.  As well they are now on our radar for training .   here you can see the boys  from Karakol orphanage get new winter coats .. next up... the girls  

This mother and her 18 month old work in the dump.  She has breast cancer from the radiation there , and came to Dr Tatyana for help.. Dr Tatyana has asked us to help find a sponsor to help with her treatment .. I will keep you posted as I find out more 

Kids in Orlofka were thrilled to see a food drop as well when Sergey and Anya came out to bring the Vitamins 

Ukana with her helpers will be overseeing the distribution of the vitamins 

Dr Anara from the baby hospital was equally as thrilled to receive vitamins that are specially formulated for nursing mothers  

Vanera's orphanare was happy to be part of a special day for about 600 in the capital.  Children from  orphanages as well as disabled and children whose parents are in prison, all attended a party to remember thanks to Kyle and his friends .  
Anadyr was fortunate that sponsorship money was available for his emergency surgery ,  Although he personally is not sponsored, a portion of the sponsorship money goes for the care of the entire orphanage . 

As soon as the need was known Sergey and Anya were at the hospital to make sure his operation was paid, then were at his bed side to assure him that he was not alone 

You may recognise this wonderful lady.  She is the director of one of the larger orphanages.  She will personally guarantee ,  receive and oversee the distribution of vitamins here.. she understands the importance of them , and extends her appreciation on behalf of all her kids to everyone who had a part in this blessing .

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