Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Feeling OLD

This one is for Ruby.. Bubba Anya says Hi

Dave met the new director at the mens home .  
Julie visits with the kitchen staff, and see's the new hoods in the Kitchen 

James and his new buddies 

Nazgul came to see us and thank us for helping her get a new arm and a laptop

I could not believe the new ceiling .. It is totaly amazing .  Now they are working on the walls .  And just in we have the money for the floor.   We were also told that US Aid has  agreed to get them new tables and Chairs 

photo op. in the mens craft room.  with the cases of oranges and Banana's  

Painting of Lynn and Ruby.

Dustan sang for us all at the celebration

Lunch with the director

It was great to see Cola today and be able to bring he and Maksat and Ibek with us Skating 

The kids from DaySpring joind us today as well at the skating and out for supper 

I think there were about 50 of us for supper 

Something we are seeing a lot of... when we bring the kids to restaurants , the servers always seem to end up crying
... and that is BEFORE they get there tip..hahaha

Anya was amazing today as always.. 

Jengish fooling around.   .. but check out Sarah's new glasses .  We managed to squeeze in Eye exams and new glasses for Dave, Josiha , Saraah and I.   .. As they were reading the results from my exam, the Dr looks up at me and says .
" You see here your problem is Ziis... YOU ARE OLD"

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