Wednesday, January 04, 2012

We have had the privilege of working with  some incredible people here in Kyrgyzstan ,Like Christy who works with the medical programs here .  
The last few days we have had many of those on the ground doing the work joining us at the supper and lunch outings.  We have brought them encouragement and resources like a camera to the medical team, and an MP3 player with speakers to another group that visits the kids in the orphanage regularly.   We were thrilled when we met up wit our young friend Romma that had got to go home with one of these teams for the holidays.  Many of those we have met up with have also assisted us with doing Christmas parties with some of the farther reaching orphanages.  Again we are so blessed to have so many here in Kyrgyzstan that share our heart, and even more blessed that through your support, we have been able to encourage and provide resources to them.

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