Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More info from Vlady

In Kyrgyzstan,  they do not have what we consider as a GP.  It is up to an individual and their family to navigate through the system on their own.  As a result, it is very easy for people to get very discouraged, and go away with out receiving treatment. Many times they simply do not know where to start.  One of our valued friends is the wife of or friend Vlady .  Tatyana is a heart Dr as her specialty, but she has a big heart of her own.  Any time we have someone that needs medical care, we go see her.  She helps us to work our way through the system, many times calling ahead and setting up appointments , something else that is not common in Kyrgyzstan.   Most times when you go for a test, you go in the morning early, and wait in a line to be looked at.  We simply don't have time for this.  Tatyana explains our case, and we are often taken in as soon as we arrive at a clinic.   As well Dr Tatyana reviews all the cases that we bring to her to make sure that the diagnosis seems correct, and equally important does the price of the procedure seem correct.  It is entirely possible that a Dr would prescribe an unnecessary operation at an inflated price if they thought there was some money in it for them.  

After several years of working with us, a couple things have happened.  First, people have come to know that Dr Tatyana is a Dr that can be trusted as well she will take the time to help them and to steer them in the right direction.  The othere thing that has happened is that Vlady and Tatya, more and more have started reaching out themselves, looking for the less fortunate that are around them , those that are suffering with out the support network necessary to get out of the mess they are in.  Now rather then me bringing people to them, they are coming to us from time to time to find finances to treat those that they are helping.  

A week ago I shared this story of a lady living in the dump that has breast cancer  

"I met at dump woman with breast carcinoma, She is need a surgery. She worked before in Orlovka dump may be there she got radiashion she take care about 1 and half son She is living alone nobody help her she doesn't has pasport. Maybe we can help I bought food for her and need  find sponsor who'll give donation for surgery."Blessings. LOVE. Vlady.

Vlady is never one much for names , as he simply refers to her as "Dump woman", but that does not mean that he does not care,,.. he just focuses on what he sees as important . 
They now have "Dump woman " in a room with her baby, they have some food for her ,, I know where they could get potatoes and carrots... they have given her vitamins for her and her baby,  but they still have a need .

 they have found that her treatment will be $300 US, and as well , she will need her  documents before they can operate.  The cost of the documents will be $50.

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