Monday, January 16, 2012

Officialy grounded ...

Well as of 2:00 this afternoon, Emma is officially grounded.  Her passport is cancelled and the new one will not be here for about 10 days.  

We also spent part of the day at the Health insurance office getting her re registered, and then applying for another out of province extension.

We have also been busy working on documents for Jengish.  We are trying to get him a visa to come to Canada  for a few weeks, then to do a tour through parts of the US with us .    Everything seems to be in place there, and he will go in for an appointment tomorrow morning to start the ball rolling , lets pray that he has a better experience then the girls with the Canadian Visa.

I have also been working on a lot of reports from the last few weeks .. I can not believe how jet legged we still are, but we do appear to be on the mend now.

Lots of reports still continue to come in from the parties and vitamin drops in Kyrgyzstan.  I will start posting them here tomorrow .

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