Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tired, but in a good way

We have been home a few days now.  I can not remember a transition back that has been so difficult as this one.  I think the team left Kyrgyzstan having spent themselves 110%,  We all ended up with colds,  then the 28 hours of travel finished us off.  I told Julie that If I had woke up feeling this way with out knowing the cause, I would likely be heading for the hospital.

   I have been in contact with our friends in Kyrgyzstan Altynai and Jengish who spent the entire time staying with the team have also shared how hard it is for them to be away from the team this trip.

Photo's and stories have continued to come in from parties that have continued since we left.. and will for some time to come I am sure.  We are just over 3600 that received a special day, and party and a gift.   There are over 1000 that have already begun a vitamin program, and another 1000 starting shortly.

I will be posting more photo's and some of the individual stories over the next few weeks .

We had an incredible team with us , Every one of them brought something special to the table, and every one of them impacted those around them..  They were such an encouragement , not only to myself and our workers on the ground, but they also where such an example of   LOVE, JOY, MERCY, and PEACE to everyone that they came into contact with , from the restaurant owners and waitresses to the store keepers and shop owners.

When I think of the thousands that have been touched in the last few weeks, I can understand why maybe we are all a little tird, but, just  say the word, and I think every one of us would be ready to return on the next plane.

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