Sunday, January 08, 2012

On our way home .. but the work continues

I just looked at the photos on the pocket camera and found a few photos I thought  you would like 

James delivering food to the Tokmok Baby orphanage
The lads , not so sure they are enjoying their frogs in a bamboo cup...
Yesterday we packed up early and headed to the rehab center.  the guys were so happy to see us, and had a fantastic ploff meal ready for us.  . we left by noon, and headed in to the bazaar in Bishkek to pick up a few things .  Sarah went to the dentist, and met up with the team at Swetly put orphanage to pick up some Kyrgyz crafts.  It was great that James and Sarah were able to get to meet the young guys that made what they purchased.

From there we went to the Department store for a bit more shopping , and I met with a friend of Jengish and Sergeys.  His group has helped with many of the same projects as us.  They wanted me to meet the director of an orphanage they have been helping for many years on the far side of Lake Isykol.  

They have about 40 kids there , as well they work with many of the neighborhood kids.  They where coming to us for 2 reasons.. 1. they would like training for their staff and have heard that this is something that LAMb does well, and were wondering if I could get them connected.    The next was  they are wondering what it will take to be on "our Radar" for help and for Christmas parties, and to have us spend time with their kids.   An hour later Tabatha came to us with some money that she had left... so this week, Jengish will go see them and have another party. We told them that we are looking forward to coming to see them in April to discuss how we may be able to be involved with the work they are doing.  

At 2:00 am this morning we headed to the airport, and said our final good buys to Isar , Altynai , Jengish and Sergey.  |We even had some others show up at the airport to say good bye, and to thank us one more time for making it possible for them to do what they do... help those around them... So I am so humbled to be able to extend that Thank you to ALL of you ..

I am sure that this last couple weeks will take a  long time for us all to process.  so much has happened, it is almost a burr.    We just saw Turat through passport control here in Kiev . Ed will meet him on the other side of the divider,  More then one tear was shed.. 

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