Saturday, January 28, 2012

Behind the scenes

I was just looking through some of the photos from Larisa and came across this one of them giving out special treats at the mens home .  Lots of times when we are there we will bring special food for them and have them give it out after we go.   

Other times we send money for them and Larisa and her friends take care of it.  In the photo below, Larisa has the help of the director and our nurse friend Bermit ( lady that had the apartment fire )..  

What is often missed out is all the behind the scenes work that must go on to make it possible.  There is no Starbucks or Tim Hortons to just run to , and with 270 men , everything can be a chore . 

We are fortunate to have the support of Larisa's mom.  She helps hold down the home front, as well as does a lot of the prep work for meals at the mens home.  She is a beautiful lady, and we love her dearly.  She was a soviet track star in her day.  Today she has terrible pain in her legs and has some sort of skin  rash that they have not been able to identify , but that does not stop her from helping Larisa, and caring for the home .. and all the people Larisa brings home ... 

To just give you an idea of how tough life can be ,  Here is a photo of Larisa's mom at work.  She works for one of the local farmers picking weeds .   You might ask " What does she get paid ?"

the answer is NOTHING... she gets to keep the weeds that she pulls ...

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