Tuesday, September 07, 2010

We need Help.

Let me start by saying that I wish I had the photo's to go along with this post. Maybe I can get them uploaded tomorrow, but I did not want to wait in getting the word out.  We have been working with many different organizations here getting another humanitarian aid shipment ready to go to the refugee camps in the south.  Just today we were with Sergey when he received a call from one of our friends their asking how much longer before the help could arrive.  It is a storey that has slipped from the headlines a long time ago, but continues to play out in the lives of the people of Kyrgyzstan daily.  I have seen incredible sacrifices made by many as they work to put together any kind of help they can.  Many NGO's like the supporters of iam1ru have provided grain for flower, and for many other needs.  Aigoola's house if full of blankets and mattresses she has been making for those in need.  Every evening Sergey and the boys have been sorting aid that has come in.  The next team is ready to make the trip and hand out the aid.  It was a little more difficult to find a driver this time.  Many of the truckers are afraid to make the trip, and as a result the rates have gone up.  We have managed to find a truck today, and we are scheduled to send the team next week.  As well as the truck, we would like to have Sergey and another friend go as well to personally over see the delivery. Here is the part were we need help.  To get this expedition under way, we need to raise just shy of $500.  this is a small price to pay to put over 5 tons of aid in the hands of those who desperately need it,  the problem is that we don't have the $500.  If you are reading this and are able to help, you can use the donate button on the side of my blog at www.actofkindness.blogspot.com .  Another way you can help is to spread the word.

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