Monday, September 13, 2010

Baby orphanage updates

  This morning Emma Bekah and I went off to the bazaar to do some shopping. We were going to the baby hospital and the baby orphanage today, and wanted to pick up a few supplies for them .
We had $200 to spend. We were able to get 480 dippers, 55lbs pears, 70 lbs of apples and 50 gallons of juice.  We also picked up an account ledger for the container, as well as several different colours of price tags so we can colour coordinate where the items came from.   Oh as well , Emma picked up 10 more photo albums so that each child can have there own at one of the orphanages she worked at
    We went to see the Baby hospital.  They were very happy to see us.  We told them that we are working on the beds for them, then went out to see the laundry room . We had bought them an automatic washing machine, but they have it in a different place from the rest of the washing because they are afraid that it will get stolen. 
We discussed with them about some renovations to make things more stream lined.  they would like to make some sort of drying cabinet for the laundry ( I am curious how this works out.. we may need one for our apartment.. especially since they think they can build one for $150. 
We also have someone coming to give us a price to put steel bars on the windows and to make bars for the door as well.  We will have the totals when we are back next week with our son and another friend that will be here to help for a couple weeks.
  From there we went over to the Baby orphanage.  Un fortunately the main Dr is on holidays right now, but her assistant had been waiting for us to come and see them. 
She was very pleased with the fresh fruits and the diapers that we brought. 
She showed us a small project that they are working on  right now. They are decorating one of the halls to make it more child friendly. they needed about $30 total, and had already raise $20. 
   We discussed with them about coming back on Wednesday morning. We help them with the document photos for the kids, and there  are several new ones that we need to take pictures of for them.  We have found other times that it can be stress full for the kids if we  just come quick , take photo's and go, so this Wednesday morning we will go early, and spend time playing with the kids for a couple hours before we start taking the official photo's .. it will give them a chance to warm up, and a chance for the girls to get their baby fix.
   of course there are lots of other small under currents going on here all the time, but that is life in Kyrgyzstan.  We found out today that the boys new permanent home is ready, and that they would like to have them move in tomorrow after school... Gulp.. we all took a big breath.. well maybe we can wait until the end of the week, we have all been having such a god time together.  We know it was just for a time, and a chance to get some good food and nutrition into them, and help them get into a schedule, but it is still going to seem quiet here with out them.  n the bright side , we will do this slowly with there new home, and they will come and spend lots of time with us to give the new family life time to adjust.
 On a funny note, Julie found a leak under the sink.. a few minutes later, Sergey and Anya stopped by to pick up a bunch of blankets for Osh, and Julie told him about the leek.  right away Sergey phoned a plumber... now if you have ever been here, you know the road we are venturing down with this.. but something strange happened.. with in 20 minutes the plumber arrived.. he looked under the sink, was gone for less then 1 minute, and was back in the door with a new shut off valve and splitter, and had the leek fixed and was on his way... all that for $5... I told Julie.. That's it, I am not doing anything else around here.. you can call Ildar.  

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