Friday, September 03, 2010

ups and downs .

Well the kids are all back to school now.    We just had three more dropped at one of the orphanages, and they have no cloths or school supplies, so we do have a little more to do, I don't know if this will ever end.   We had to go into Bishkek yesterday.   We waited until the kids were home from school to make sure they were ok. I made them plates of supper to just pop into the microwave, and had an extra one for Aiperie who comes for supper after school each night.   We were only gone a little bit when their mother came to the door.  It was difficult for the kids, but the would not let her in, so she went to Sergey and Anya's house and tried there .he did not have any better time of it there.  We had an idea that she would come back.   She wanted the kids and back into the apartment we had been giving them to use.  Anya explained that the locks had been changed, and that there was another family moving in there, and that we were done playing this game with her.   After she left, we had Anya pick up all the kids and take them to the park until the mother left town .. The storey continued for several more hours , and I am sure will not be over for a long time.... As this was going on Sergey got a call from a babushka we are helping.  the family looking after her was having a domestic ! and he needed to go over right away.   There were a few other things going on at the same time... We got a really good job for Benson out at the rehabilitation . the beginning salary is a little low as jobs go, but it comes with room and board as well as a good counseling program, and very soon would develop into a good wage.. It would be a great place for him.  But of course he decided that he wants something better with more pay and turned it down... We pointed out that there is no line up of people beating down doors to hire a grade 9 drop out with no  documents, and that if he was not willing to work, we were not willing to spend any more money helping him out.... but still NO.. so it looks like his older brother will take the job...
  On a really good note, we just got some fantastic news.  Our son Benjamin will be coming over to see us in a few weeks. This will be so awesome for him to meat all our friends, and for all his adopted family to finally meet him  He will for sure have a very busy schedule making the rounds.
  We have another friend joining us as well. We have been talking to the rehab center and even some of the other local organizations, and they have all expressed that they would like some help with learning and understanding the principals of budgeting.  This is defiantly something that we have noticed here as well. So it looks like our friend will be able to help us with that as well. 

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