Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This morning  We had a meeting with the Mayors office .  It went well. we discussed some projects we will be doing with them , but we think it was more a mater of posturing so that everyone would see us going to the office..hahaha. but none the less they did have some important needs that need to be addressed .  After he meeting we met up with Sergey and headed for Bishkek . We picked up a young friend of ours that was sponsored to go to teachers collage .  We brought her with us to visit another young girl that is sponsored through possibilities international.  She is doing so much better then I could ave expected, and it was nice to have Luba along with us because the two had spent a lot of time together at the orphanage.  Emma and Bekah had a little bag of goodies packed for her .   After our visit, we went to meet up with friends of Bekah's at one of the restaurants. As we pulled in, one of the waitresses who remembers us from bringing orphans there all the time, recognized us and came out into the parking lot to escort us into the restaurant and make sure we sat in her section... we are still reaping the benefits of the massive tip my friend Dave left for them last fall.   This friend of Bekah's has an English club in Bishkek .  She offered to help to get Luba situated, and also help her out when needed .  This works great for us as well. we are able to support Luba with food money weekly now. She and our friend will meet up once a week to talk and share about their week, and pick up her food money for the next week. It will make us feel much better to know that she will have on going contact and some one watching over her .
   On the way home we stopped at another orphanage where a young friend of ours lives. We discussed with the director one of the projects that she would like for us to do next week.  We will be helping to set up a Family room / TV room for the kids in our friends section.  As we looked around, I could not help but notice so much more that is needed... I could see off hand that more then furniture, the room needs to have a complete renovation.. I figure about $2000 would completely rebuild the room... ceiling / walls/ and floors.  We then went to another section where the large meeting room is. We helped them with some renovations there last spring.. in that section they just have the flooring to go, but fortunately they have a local sponsor helping with that.  The other need we came across is the doors to the girls section are not in very good shape.  They are concerned for the safety of the girls, so we have agreed to make this a priority and we will replace the two doors next week as well... young girls NEED to feel safe.!..
   I know I am likely missing a few things, but I am tired, so that's all you get for tonight .  Tomorrow is a big day.. one we have been looking forward to. 

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