Friday, September 17, 2010


Today we did some home visits with Larisa.  She has just gotten back from Siberia where she went for a little needed rest... I know who goes to Siberia for a rest....
   we have several families that have received simple dreams from  , and I have been eager to meet with them and see how they are doing .  The family we visited first was a family that had a dream of a washing machine to help make life easier for the Babushka when the mother died.. She was concerned that she will be leaving behind two kids to care for.  She is only 35 and has ovarian cancer, and is in the end stages and there is nothing more that the Dr's can do for her.  Her children were very quiet and serious.  I tried at first to get a smile from the young lad, but with out much luck.. his brother joined in, and together we were able to help him put a smile on his face... but it did not take much clowning around like this before he was doing better.  we will have to print this photo off and bring it back for them.. there is not a lot more that we can bring this poor family, but I could see that she enjoyed seeing her boy smile..

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Anonymous said...

And what a beautiful smile - an 'eye' smile! (says grammy)