Friday, September 10, 2010

A beautiful day in the mountains

With today being a holiday, we decided it would be a good time to head for the  mountains.    We had our kids plus Sergey and his kids and Acel and Talants kids that Emma and bekah are baby siting ... It was nice because with it being just family, Isar was able to bring his wife and son with us as well.  The added bonus was Torat, and then when we realized that we were driving past Luba and her brothers house, we stoped and picked them up as well.  Sergey and Isar had prepared shashleek , and had everything that we needed.  we even found a little spring to chill the pop.
  Of course what is a picnic with out a game of Chubby bunny.  We had no mash mellows, so we used these big round things that had the texture of cheezies. actualy rather gross.. Of course I was the hands down winner.  45 beating out the previous winer of 15.hahha... ok so I cheeted... I took a mouth full of water first, so as long as the water lasted they simply desolved as fast as I stuffed them in... but once the water was used up, that was it... Julie was so impressed with me... It was such a nice day, and so nice and relaxing.  The kids all went for a walk and Babushka and Dadushka stayed back and had a nap.
    We are back at the appartment now, we have everyone here tonight , it is a holiday and that seems to be when things happen here, so we are all safe under one roof for the night just to be safe.  We are excited that David and Jayne are going to be here tomorrow.  They don't know it yet, but we have a couple special assignments for them when they get settled.. They bring such wisdom and skills to the table.. but more then that, they have become such good friends,  then we just need Lynn and Ruby .   it will just feel better when the whole team is together on the ground  again in another week
   Of course the blog would not open for me today, so I have had to email this post in, so I have no idea how the photos will appear and what order they are in... This feeling is becoming normal for us here in kyrgyzstan ...  Hope they work.

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