Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An otherwise dark place.

Today we started at 6:30 again , getting the boys off to school. Then we went to the baby orphanage with Jayne. When we got there , we had certain kids in mind that we wanted to spend some time with . It was a nice day so everyone was out side getting some fresh air. It was so nice to have a nice relaxed visit. As we were playing with the different kids, we imagined what life will be like for them when their adoptions are complete and they are with their forever families. Julie and I talked about what life will be like for them.. we remembered passing an ice-cream stand just across a few fields from one little fellows forever home, and we imagined him running threw the fields to bring ice-cream to his dad on the farm on a hot summer day . Another little one I imagined her playing in the bright red carpet of Maple leaves on a beautiful fall day in the mountains where her parents are waiting for her to come home.. I just wanted to give them each that little extra squeeze.. .. but then it was as if all the hope had faded away As I looked at these kids, I imagined what it will be like when they all go home. Many people both internationally and nationally have put a lot of work into advocating for these kids... I pray that the same advocate will continue for those that are left.. what will it be like when hope leaves.. who will be left Just at this point, the little one I was sitting with raised her little finger and touched me on the chest, she looked to the nurse and asked quietly...Papa ? Who said live would be fair...... It was fitting that our next stop was over to the new daysprings home with David and Jayne... Here hope lives . Right now it is a finished shell of a house, but as I stood there I just imagined what it will be like over the next few weeks as the furnishings arrive.. We have the privilege of being part of making this house a home.. The most important part of any home is the loving parents .. the consistent love that brings hope and dignity and a feeling of security to lives . When I stop and realize that the family that we chose to be responsible for that same love and security for our own daughter was to be the house parents here, I just get so overwhelmed.. As I close my eyes now I picture a house full of kids that know that they are loved, and know that what ever happens, they are part of a family..
At lunch we met up with Olga. She and her speech therapist met with us to discuss continuing classes in one of the orphanages. It costs just over 2 dollars 4 times a week to have her work with the kids in the orphanage. We have been doing this for a few months now, and she has had incredible success. It was a trial we had found a sponsor for, but I really feel that we need to continue, so I have steped out and instructed them to carry on. There is one little girl in particular that is in the class. She was so badly abused in every way you can imagine and some ways it is best not to, that she is about 13 and does not speak at all... or at least did not speak.. Emma spent a lot of time with them, and this worker has focused a little more on her, and today only a few months later you could not tell which girl she is .. It never ceases to amaze me how resilient children are. I don't know how we can put a price on that .
Our next stop was over to a new rehab centre that we heard of that has women.. it is the only one around right now that offers help to women.. The rehab centre we currently support is working toward having a place for women, but that is still a few months away.. We heard about this place because the director had gotten sick, and had contacted us to see if we could help with medicine for her. I was very impressed with what she is doing there .. It is in a bad area of town, and along with her work with adults, she also works a lot with the homeless and rejected kids in the area.. She has been running kind of a shelter from her home, and has a kids program a few days a week .. she now has as many as 30 kids in her home at these meetings .. Her living room is smaller then ours, and I thought we were crowded here. I listened to stories of some of these kids. The terrible lives that they are living, and the incidence of suicide and other horrific problems that they are facing.. Is this the alternative for the little ones I visited in the morning if we are not successful? Are we to late for these ones, is this what life will be for them ? Just as I was starting to feel discouraged again, we started to talk to her about her dreams .. She showed me a building across the street from her. It is a community centre that they are trying to fix up. The out side has been renovated.. it has a large room inside that would be great for a youth centre. She has spoken with the city, and they have agreed that if she does the renovations inside, then they can have it free of charge for a 5 year lease. I asked what the expected renovation cost will be. I was told that the majority of the work is labour and paint. The labour is free because the older kids, and some of her friends will do the work.. they just need the supplies ... about $300. I know that $300 will not be the end, I can envision furniture and games, maybe a TV, but that is all down the road.. right now we can bring so much hope to so many kids living with out hope for such a small amount of money... amazing. The first night that My son will be in Kyrgyzstan he will be going over there with us to play his guitar and sing for these kids... he is just finding out now as he reads this, but I am sure he will be blessed when he sees such light in an otherwise dark place.


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