Monday, September 06, 2010

documents and photo's

  Today has been a day of paper work and documents.  The kids are all off to school, and Emma and  Bekah are baby siting for Acel and Talant this week, so it was a little quieter her this morning... just a little..  We are working now on getting sponsorship updates done for the sponsored projects, as well we are working on Documents for Torat. We still do not have a sponsor for his school, but we will move ahead anyway's.  He will be going to school in Krovy Rog Ukraine. He wants to be able to continue the work that we do here, and there is an incredible program there with friends of Eds that will give him a great start.  Ed has made the arrangements for him to start as soon as we can get his documents in order . We began that process today. Tomorrow we will register him in one of the houses owned by a friend, and then Wednesday we will proceed to the Federal register then he will be able to apply for a travel passport. The whole process will cost about $200. Then once we have this all in place we will book his flight to line up with when we can have someone mete him at the airport and bring him on the 10 hour train ride south.  We have a great arrangement at the school. He will be able to work for them in Ukraine and help with some of our friends projects their , and he will be able to attend the school, complete with living expenses for $100 a month.. If there is anyone that wants t make a lasting impact on Kyrgyzstan, this would be a great opportunity. Maybe your church or service club, or even your family or business would consider this type of sponsorship. We have a translator here that is willing to translate all correspondence, and Torat will give regular updates.  If you are interested in this, please let us know.
  I was just working on the accounting for the last month... we are dealing with 4 different languages and 5 different currencies, all with variable exchange rates... talk about fun hahahaa... fortunately as part of Bekah's school credit, she has a spread sheet that she fills out every night, so it was easier then I expected.  
  Later today we went over to the small orphanage Emma had been working at. She had made photo's for all the kids, so she wanted to bring them over to the kids.  That is always a big hit. We talked with the director, she has a couple kids that she is wondering if we could help with their therapy .. we had helped in the past through Olga's teach centre. I told her that we would love to help, and just needed to find a sponsor and I would get back to her, but really it's like $8 a month, and has had incredible success with the kids in the past.   I'm telling you, If you ever stood face to face with some of these kids, your heart would melt, and you would move mountains to get them the help they need, I just wish there was some way I could convey that better.


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