Wednesday, September 29, 2010

hit the ground running

In true fission of any of our trips, Benjamin hit the ground running .  He landed at 2:30 am, and after the 1 1/2 hour trip home and a quick nap,  we headed for the bazaar to buy food supplies for the  
folks living at the dump.  The sights and sounds of the bazaar are always amazing, and it is always interesting.  At the dump, there were about people this time. they were all glad to see us, and also excited to meat Benjamin.  After giving out the food, we also left a large bag of carrots and potatoes for them to split up.  Then as a special bonus, everyone got a watermelon.   We then gathered up the kids, and took them all with us back to the bazaar to do some school shopping. . It was so exciting for them.  They never thought that something like this could happen... then to top it off we took them all out for supper in a nice restaurant.   Right after supper we went to a youth group in one of the neighboring villages . The kids really appreciated having Benjamin sing for them. 

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