Saturday, September 04, 2010

photo update

So the fine here for not wearing a seat belt is $1.10 .. ask me how I know :) Here are a few photos you might enjoy.

This is s fresh batch of Blankets and mattresses ready to head to those in need in the south.

Emma and Aiperi with Tanya at the seniors home. They worked as our translators this day, and together they did a great job.

This is Andray and Toliks Babushka. She brought us out for a tour of her garden and gave us some flowers when we stopped buy to bring supplies to her grand children. She shared with us how happy she was that Luba could study in Bishkek because someone paid for her tuition... Hummm I wonder who that could be ... Thank you to our friends for that. We will be going into the city some time this week to make sure all our university kids there are ok and settled.

We had our two young friends over for the afternoon, and Aibec spent some time painting with Emma. He made this one for his Babushka and Dadushka ..David and Jayne

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