Saturday, July 08, 2023

Zac ... Day 2

John and Julie’s hospitality was on display from the moment they greeted us in the early hours of morning. They got our team settled into our rooms in the guest house, and let us know breakfast would be at 10, but coffee would be ready a few hours before that. Let’s just pause here and say I’m convinced John never sleeps. Not only is their back patio the most cozy cafe, but there was unlimited coffee, tea, and treats ready to go from before wake-up til after 
bedtime. Julie and John would be there sharing stories the entire time. 
After our first meal in Kyrgyzstan (the food the entire time was AMAZING) we began to be shown around The Farm. The Wright’s have worked closely with orphanages and homes for the disabled for years, and they have been able to provide a place for some of those who age out to come live, work, and learn. 

Being that our team had just come off our long journey to arrive, the plan was to take it easy for the day and begin some of the heavier work on Day 3. We sorted through our bags of team supplies (toys, scrubs, vitamins, kids cloths, menstrual products) that would be given out as our time went on. 

Our introduction to the boys who work on The Farm was over a time of fishing and a trip to the hot springs, which also allowed for bus rides where our team continued to get acquainted.

 We have $250 for the food hampers for vera o deliver and are still waiting on another $500 if anyone would like to help at this time. 



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