Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Day 12 by Zac

The Kashar was put to good use as we hosted another party. A group home from Tokmak of men and women with various disabilities came and we got to treat them to the full experience. Fishing, the hot springs,

walk through the foothills, painting, horseback riding, and lunch.

 Sam was looking forward the entire time to a proper fish fry, and he showed Dastan & I all his tricks as we helped prepare the meal.  

 The entire morning we could see dark clouds making their way through the mountains, and that afternoon we had a proper Himalayan storm. Wind. Lots of wind. So much wind. Then something sounded like thunder, but close by. Turned out to be the steel roof from a neighbour’s barn blowing down the road. We were just getting water back in the village after a few days, but then it was time for the power and internet lines to cut out. It poured rain for about ten minutes, but then that same heavy wind had things dried up in about half an hour. After dinner some of the team headed back up to the Kashar to spend the night where there was still power and a working shower. Things were dry in the yurt, which was impressive, as we heard some stories from John & Julie about their experiences sleeping up on the mountain during those storms.

 Back on the farm 

I got a message from Vera that they received the funds for the food hampers.  So they have started shopping and packing bags .  Next week when the kids camp is over they will change gears and head out on wellness checks and bring food .  She is so thankful for all the help with these important events. 

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