Monday, July 24, 2023

Micro loan opportunity

Here is one way to enjoy fresh honey .  With the last team, they went out with Sergei and raided the hive and brought one of the frames to the kitchen where they could scoop their own honey out onto fresh tea biscuits 

But to do it properly and with 60 hives , there is a special honey extractor that spins the frame to collect the honey.    The guys ( Vlad and Sergei ) have asked for a micro loan to be able to purchase the spinner and the collection table .  

The total cost for the extractor and table is $1200 USD.  The way we will do a micro loan is this ,  The funds would come in as a donation, (with tax receipt given ) the loan would be one year interest free, and when paid back, the funds would be used for other micro loans .  

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